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Making Trouble is now being distributed through the National Center for Jewish Film (NCJF). Note that purchases and screening requests will take you from this website to the NCJF website.

PERSONAL USE: $29.95 Buy from NCJF for personal use

DVDs purchased for personal use may be shown only in private homes to non-paying audiences.
Home screenings may not be affiliated with organizations in any way.

INSTITUTIONAL USE: $195Buy from NCJF for institutional use

Educational and non-profit institutions, religious organizations, schools, and public libraries:


PLEASE NOTE: Institutional DVD purchase DOES NOT include public performance rights. To screen a film outside of the classroom, even when no admission fee is charged, you must contact the NCJF by email, or call (781) 736-8600 to obtain a public performance license. A screening fee will likely apply. Home DVD versions are for personal home use and cannot be screened, loaned or broadcast to any group for either educational (library/classroom use) or commercial purposes.

Making Trouble may not under any circumstances be shown theatrically or commercially.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the film?
Making Trouble has a running time of 85 minutes.

I want to screen the film at my college, synagogue or temple, community center, etc.
What do I need to do?

When you purchase a DVD through our store, you have the right to screen the film in an educational or non-commercial setting where no admission fee is charged. If you plan to charge admission or show the film to an audience of more than 50 people, you need to contact the NCJF to obtain a public performance license.

If my institution buys the film, can we screen the film publicly as many times as we want?
Any time you show the film to more than 50 people or charge admission, you must contact the NCJF to obtain a public performance license.

My institution purchased the Making Trouble DVD prior to April 2011. How does this affect my rights to screen the film?
The National Center for Jewish Film has a list of all institutions that purchased the film before April 2011. Please contact the NCJF via email, or call 781-736-8600 for more information.

Is there a Discussion Guide available for post-film conversations?
You can download a free Discussion Guide for Making Trouble.

Can a JWA speaker facilitate a post film discussion?
Yes, depending on availability. Contact us for details.