Jewish women have led the way for female comics

Friday, November 2, 2007
The Desert Sun
Judith Salkin

For the film, Talbot brought the narrators together at a Katz's Famous Delicatessen, a New York tradition since 1888. "And they offered to feed us!" Kahaney recalled. "You get four Jewish women together and tell them they can order anything they want. ... We were ordering things we'd never order in a million years!"

And they talked. About the legacy left behind for by Brice, Picon and Tucker for Rivers, Radner and Wasserstein, and also for women such as Sarah Silverman today.

"I liked the fact that the basic idea was to honor these luminaries," Kahaney said. "(Jewish women) were taught that if we were witty, loud and made a point with humor we'd be listened to..."